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General Life Skills

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness is an essential life skill and integral to adequate functioning. Lack of assertiveness can lead to impairment in work-related, academic and interpersonal situations. The ability to be assertive reduces the stress in your relationships at home and in the workplace… read more

Stressful Life Events

Stress is the feeling that the demands of your life are greater than your abilities to manage them. It is a feeling of loss of control over the current circumstances. Stressful life events, whether acute or chronic, can have a significant effect on one’s overall health. It can lead to a number of medical conditions, including high blood pressure and weight gain… read more

Relationship Difficulties / Couples Therapy

Relationships can be both a source of great satisfaction and support or of conflict and dissatisfaction. Interpersonal difficulties can lead to a significantly diminished quality of life… read more

General Health Problems / Medical Illness / Chronic Pain

Chronic illness and impairment involves many psychological complexities and may lead to a variety of stressors and emotions that are difficult to cope with. This can result in depression, helplessness and a sense of isolation. It is estimated that up to one third of individuals with… read more

Grief and Loss

Coping with the loss of a loved one can be an overwhelming experience. At times, the process can become complex. Grief can be experienced both physically and emotionally. Symptoms may include inability to concentrate, preoccupations with the grief, difficulty making decisions… read more

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