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Psychotherapy in Princeton, NJ

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Need to Find a Therapist in Princeton, New Jersey?

Are you experiencing heightened anxiety, mood dysregulation, interpersonal or academic pressures or difficulty achieving your goals? CBT of NYC can help you.

About Anna Breytman, Ph.D.

Dr. Breytman is a licensed psychologist whose breadth of experience includes working with children, adolescents and adults experiencing psychological problems. She has a long standing commitment to the gold standard treatment for anxiety disorders, mood dysfunction, attentional difficulties, as well adjustment through early adulthood and college. She provides compassionate care with a commitment to evidence based intervention.

Dr. Breytman specializes in using Cognitive Behavioral techniques with particular emphasis on exposure and response prevention in OCD and other anxiety disorders. She has extensive training in treating mood disorders utilizing a variety CBT methodologies, as well as Acceptance and Commitment therapy and Mindfully informed interventions. Additionally, she has advanced training and experience with DBT techniques to assist patients in developing tools for emotion regulation, adaptive coping responses and effective interpersonal relationships.

She adheres to a collaborative approach with patients to determine the most effective treatment options to address their individual needs. Her treatment is dynamic, compassionate and focused on patients developing skills to support their stability and well-being through the life span.

Results oriented care and targeted therapeutic approach

Emerging adults program

As individuals move from adolescence through adulthood, there are developmentally challenging situations that one encounters. They can feel overwhelmed by additional responsibilities such as college and job interviews, dating, developing new friendships and the need for assertiveness. In addition to support, emerging adults may benefit from a focus on specific skill development. Dr. Breytman guides young adults in progressing towards independence and mastering skills that are age appropriate using evidence based treatment strategies.

Dr. Breytman works with emerging adults to assist them in their journey from adolescence through adulthood. She uses culturally sensitive and evidence based techniques. She has worked with students from many of the leading universities across the country and understands the unique challenges that they experience. She uses her extensive training and expertise to support young adults as they work through their anxiety, mood dysregulation, academic stressors and interpersonal challenges.

Managing your anxiety and mood

Psychotherapy can transform lives. Individuals who experience distress and interference due to anxiety or depressed mood or mood instability may struggle with staying motivated, coping with their uncomfortable emotions and have difficulty developing and completing certain goals. Worrisome and maladaptive thinking patterns as well as unpleasant symptoms of anxiety and low mood can improve considerably with cognitive behavioral therapy. By learning to examine their thinking patterns, develop a balanced perspective and set specific behavioral goals, individuals will see their anxiety diminished, mood improved, motivation enhanced and self-efficacy increased. CBT for anxiety and mood disorders is dynamic, goal directed and time limited. During treatment, we also work towards establishing habits that maintain new and healthy behaviors and patterns of thinking.

Coping with social pressures

Many students experience social settings as extremely challenging and find it difficult to cope with their social distress. They may avoid their peers, spend a great deal of time rehearsing what they may say or review past interactions and fear negative evaluations. This can result in significant functional impairment and diminished life satisfaction. The goal of intervention is to improve skills through practice of adaptive cognitive and behavioral techniques. This could include the use of exposure and response prevention strategies, reframing beliefs and behavioral experiments.

Developing lifelong organizational skills and successful study habits

This skill development is essential to all aspects of our lives. People who struggle with their organizational and study skills may find that they are experiencing significant consequences academically, personally and professionally.

Disorganization, procrastination and avoidance, impulsivity, distractibility and difficulty with time management are all areas of potential intervention through psychotherapy that focuses on executive functioning skills. Disorganization and procrastination can interfere with keeping track of important belongings and deadlines of tasks and assignments. It can increase stress that makes it even more difficult to function effectively. Impulsivity can interfere with effective decision making. Lack of focus can make short and long term assignments arduous tasks.

Skills that one may work on in sessions with Dr. Breytman could include task initiation and examination of habits and cognitions that interfere. In addition, effective emotion regulation skills can decrease impulsivity and procrastination.

A thorough assessment of one’s unique executive functioning challenges, can help us create an action plan with recommended strategies to target specific obstacles in a constructive way. We work on a particular set of skills that we experiment with and trouble shoot to ultimately develop a structured and highly individualized system that addresses all areas of organization, time management, study habits and goal achievement.

The role of perfectionism

Extreme perfectionism can ultimately interfere with achieving ones goals, and results in significant suffering. Within the CBT formulation and related interventions, together with a patient, Dr. Breytman examines adaptive versus maladaptive perfectionism. She collaborates with the patient to evaluate the cognitive bias that may be impeding the individual. Through this work, they recalibrate beliefs to be better aligned with one’s goals and values while encouraging flexible thinking. The result is enhanced goal achievement and improved quality of life. Skill building can also include the utilization of exposure to unrealistic feared consequences and evaluation of one’s coping strategies. In addition, Dr. Breytman uses elements of Acceptance and Commitment therapy, including mindfulness and mediation tools to bolster adaptive coping.

Supporting parents

Parents of children and emerging adults are often going through their own journey and may experience distress secondary to their child’s struggles. They may need guidance and coaching as to how best to support their child.
Dr. Breytman utilizes evidence based techniques to focus on changes parents can make to better support their child. She partners with families to provide the best care available. Within the CBT framework, parents can learn to develop strategies that help their children confront their fears and reduce goal interfering behaviors, develop adaptive coping strategies and excel in their lives.

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About Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton, New Jersey is home to one of the country’s most prestigious universities and surrounding college towns. It is also the location of the Institute for Advanced Study where Albert Einstein carried on his research in the US. Princeton’s historic downtown offers abundant world class dining and boutique shopping in Palmer Square. Numerous cultural and sporting events can also be found here. McCarter theater is an active cultural center presenting some of the best live performances in the area. Throughout the year, local artist perform downtown and the town comes alive with an eclectic mix of music. The Princeton University Art Museum offers both a permanent collection as well as rotating gallery exhibits. The Paul Robeson Center for the Arts offers a wide range of exhibits and programs.

For nature lovers, the Princeton area offers beautiful hiking trails and canoeing throughout the Delaware and Raritan State Park. You can also explore championship golf courses in the area.

From theater, to nature walks to fine dining, to historic tours and sites, Princeton has so much to offer. Come and be inspired by the historic and vibrant city of Princeton, New Jersey. If you are a visitor or a resident and you are looking for support, please call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Breytman.

Ready to give therapy a try?

Or maybe you have a few questions first? Either way – reach out today. Call 201.694.2129, text, or use our online form.

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