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Dr. Anna Breytman

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Dr. Anna Breytman

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Anxiety Disorders

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

GAD is characterized by persistent, excessive worry about various aspects of one’s life, such as school, work, relationships and finances. GAD affects both children and adults. Approximately 3% of the adult population is diagnosed with this condition. Up to 4.5% of children are also diagnosed with this anxiety disorder… read more

Other Anxiety Disorders

Panic Disorder

The essential feature is the experience of recurrent panic attacks, which are characterized by an unpredictable sense of threat/dread where an individual may fear losing control, being trapped, unable to get help or die… read more

Phobias and Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is the tendency to be nervous in social situations because of concerns of being judged negatively, appearing to look foolish or doing something embarrassing. It typically involves interactions with others where attention is focused on you or others may notice you in some manner… read more

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