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Bi-Polar Disorder

Ten to 15% of individuals with major depression also experience mania or the less intense version, hypomania. On average, bi-polar disorder is evident by the age of 30.

This disorder most typically consists of moods that oscillate between manic episodes and depression. However, by definition, someone may be diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and only experience a manic episode.

A manic episode is characterized by unusually elevated or irritable mood. An individual may appear overly self-confident and even grandiose, as well as hyperactive. They may become preoccupied with a variety of goals which seem out of proportion to what is considered acceptable. Some individuals may engage in excessive pleasurable activities that have potential negative consequences. For instance, one may find themselves going on shopping sprees, investing their money inappropriately, launching outrageous projects or engaging in excessive sexual activity. There is often a decrease in overall inhibition. Racing thoughts, pressured speech, diminished need for sleep and distractibility can also be experienced.

Because of instances of high energy and creativity, individuals may go undiagnosed.

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