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Treatment for ADD/ADHD

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Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

ADD is a biologically based condition which involves difficulties with the basic principle of inhibiting impulses, regulating attention as well as energy level when one needs to or when it is appropriate. It may involve difficulty inhibiting or speeding up and slowing down one’s thoughts, speech and action. Onset is always in childhood although some individuals may not be diagnosed until they are adults.

These children appear to be much too active, inattentive, impulsive and difficult to manage. Many, despite their innate intelligence, struggle in school. They may experience social difficulties because they are constantly interrupting or chattering. Careful diagnosis is essential as many children may appear hyper and active. It is, therefore, important to contrast the child’s behavior with what is age appropriate and typical in a variety of settings.

There are three primary types of ADD:

ADD with inattentiveness
ADD with impulsivity and hyperactivity
ADD with problems in both categories-combined

Treatment of ADD typically involves medication, family counseling/parent training, social skills training, school consultation and educational training, as well as behavioral interventions.

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